Music Production & Project Management

Sonic Sorcery is the composition and development studio for myself, Kurtis Sky. I bring together over 30 years experience in the music industry and audio recording arts to provide recording production, in all phases of musical development, consultation, and marketing, distribution, and rights management. I produce recordings for a wide variety of individual musicians and groups. My primary purpose is to help these artists realize their unique visions in a powerful and professional way.

Original Music Creation

I create a wide variety of music from contemporary to classical, provide exclusive, tailor-made material for television, film, online, gaming and special event programming.

My Philosophy

I believe that the greatest art is born from a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Helping others connect with all three to achieve their greatest dreams, while staying totally true to themselves, that is my primary aim.

To that end, I use only the highest quality equipment, facilities, information, and connections, and try to exceed your expectations in every way.

With Sonic Sorcery, I try to help you find the real "magic" I believe each artist and project has waiting within.

At Sonic Sorcery, I always want to stock or procure the finest audio equipment for a given application. Among my in-house gear, I currently use Neumann, AKG, Neve, API, A-Designs, Buzz Audio, Lynx Studios, Lexicon, Event Audio, Midas, EastWest, Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan, Universal Audio, PRO TOOLS (DigiDesign/AVID), Logic, Ableton LIVE, and SONAR/Cakewalk products. I have both Apple and Windows PC computing platforms available, and can output end-product in any desired format, including analog tape.